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CWE Inc. offers a broad range of instruments for the physiology and pre-clinical research laboratory. We specialize in respiratory support and monitoring, including small animal ventilators, gas analyzers, and related equipment. Physiological monitoring includes direct blood pressure, single and multi-channel preamplifier systems, homeothermic temperature controllers, and the most advanced programmable stimulators available.  

The new SAR-1000 Small Animal Ventilator!


• Pressure or volume-cycled operation

• Wide tidal volume and rate range

• User-friendly set-up and operation.

• Mice to Guinea pig size

• Direct readout of all parameters
• Automatic inspiratory pause
• Adjustable automatic sigh function

• Remote control via USB port

• Safe with oxygen and anesthesia

• Multi-animal set-ups

     pdf datasheet (click here)

The SAR-1000 is our newest and most advanced ventilator for mice, rats, and other small animals. It follows in the tradition of our ever popular SAR-830 series, which has been an international standard for over twenty years. We incorporated the latest in digital control and advanced sensor technology to produce our easiest-to-use and most accurate ventilator yet. All settings such as respiratory rate, tidal volume, end-inspiratory pressure, I/E ratio, and more, are set directly from the front panel. All user-settings and computed measurements (such as Minute Ventilation) are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD panel. An LED pressure bargraph shows instantaneous airway pressure for easy monitoring of ventilator operation.

All CWE ventilators have a built-in remote control interface. Our customers have come up with a surprising variety of uses for this feature, including synchronized gating of imaging systems, servo control of end-tidal CO2, neural triggering, and more. The SAR-1000 retains this handy remote control port, but adds a USB interface for additional remote setup and monitoring functions. Optional software is available for easy-to-use remote operation.

We are very proud to introduce this new model, which is the result of years of development and the welcome input of many users in labs around the world. It is our smallest, greenest, and most sophisticated ventilator. Put one to work in your lab today!

microCapStar CO2 Monitor for Mice

microCapStar CO2 analyzer for mice

The microCapStar End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Analyzer provides accurate end-tidal or continuous measurement of expired CO2 in animals as small as mice. It features very low sample flow (5-20 ml/min, adjustable), fast response time, and excellent stability. Respiratory rate (RR) is computed using the excursions of the CO2 waveform. The CO2 and RR measurements, as well as a trend plot of the end-tidal values, are displayed on the graphics LCD screen. New internal software allows user-adjustable ETCO2 and RR averaging, as well as higher resolution measurement.

End-tidal CO2 is well known as an important indicator of respiratory status. The microCapStar extends this important measurement to the smallest animals.

Blood Pressure Monitor for small animals

Click picture for pdf data sheet

The BP-100 Blood Pressure Monitor is an accurate, easy-to-use instrument for measuring direct blood pressure (BP) from small animals. It is designed to operate using standard, widely available clinical-type BP transducers (included with unit). In addition, miniature catheter-tip transducers are available for high-resolution intra-arterial BP measurements. The standard systolic, diastolic, and mean pressures are reported, along with heart rate (HR).The BP-100 features automated operation, including push-button transducer zeroing. High and low-pressure alarms are user-adjustable. A serial data output is provided for remote data collection. Analog voltage outputs for fast (continuous signal), systolic, diastolic, and HR are compatible with data acquisition systems. All computed measurements are updated every 2.5 seconds. A special fast mode can be selected, where the display is rapidly updated. This mode allows the BP-100 to be used as a general-purpose transducer amplifier for recording signals other than arterial BP.

Cycle-Triggered Ventilator control for SAR-830 series ventilators

Click for larger image
Features and benefits:

= Complete remote control of ventilator
= Synchronize ventilation to neural activity
Works with paralyzed or un-paralyzed animals
= Backup ventilator instantly selectable
= Displays airway pressure and CO2 (if available)
= Other custom control functions available
= Runs on any Windows PC with USB port
Turn your SAR-830/A or SAR-830/AP Small Animal Ventilator into a neural-controlled ventilator.  This control software, coupled with an inexpensive USB-connected data-acquisition device, creates a triggered ventilator synched to Phrenic nerve activity (or other inspiratory nerve or muscle). 

All that is required is a Moving Average of the nerve activity, which is connected to the USB box. Adjustable trigger levels and a "backup" standard ventilator are included. This system allows complete remote-control of the ventilator. 

GSM-3 Programmable Gas Mixer

GSM-3 Programmable Gas Mixer

This three-input gas mixer can provide any mix of gasses for hypoxic studies or whenever custom concentrations
are needed. The GSM-3 operates in a stand-alone mode, where up to four custom mixes are created, stored, and
instantly executed with a pushbutton press. The real power is unleashed when the instrument is connected to a host
computer, where the provided software allows timed mixture protocols to be easily set up and run. This allows
automated experiments where ambient gas concentrations need to be sequenced. Comes complete with software on
CD-ROM and a serial cable.

Click here for a GSM-3 data sheet in pdf format!

Oxygen Analyzer
Our new OxyStar-100 O2 analyzer features excellent accuracy and fast response. It employs the latest generation of digital paramagnetic sensors for long, trouble-free service. Sample flow rate is adjustable over a 10-200ml/min range.
Fast-response O2 monitor (click for data)
  OxyStar-100 O2 Monitor

MRI Compatible Ventilator System

MRI-1 Volume Ventilator

Rodent pneumatic valve

Rodent Valve
Size: approx. 2" (5cm) wide

: Aluminum, brass and plastic.

: 4mm flexible pneumatic tubing to ventilator, 1.5mm ID Tygon to animal.
The MRI-1 Ventilator is a small animal ventilator specifically designed for use in MRI environments. This volume-cycled ventilator for rodents (including mice) uses miniature, non-magnetic pneumatic valves that can be placed close to, or inside, the bore of the magnet. It features direct setting and readout of breaths/min, tidal volume, and other parameters for easy setup and monitoring. A serial data output is standard. Download a complete data sheet by clicking here.

We now offer a complete range of valves for larger animals up to monkeys and pigs. Customized packages are available for the injection of hyperpolarized noble gasses for specialized imaging applications. 

Coming soon!  Pressure Control Module accessory for the MRI-1 that allows pressure-cycling of the respiratory cycle.

Small Animal Ventilators
Shown here is our popular model SAR-830/AP small animal ventilator. Economical and reliable pressure or volume-cycled ventilator for mice to Guinea pigs. Widely copied, but this is the original!
Pressure or volume-cycled ventilator for rodents (click for data)
  SAR-830/AP Small Animal Ventilator

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We are adding our data sheets to this site in Adobe pdf format. Please let us know if there is any other information you would like to see here. Thanks for your interest! 

As it evolves, this site will provide access to the full catalog of our instruments, as well as application notes and new product release information. Please use these pages as an overview of our products and capabilities, and use the contact information below and on the representatives page to keep in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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