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Intermittent hypoxia: from laboratory to therapy

Intermittent hypoxia: from laboratory to therapy

GEMINI, metabolic measurements, O2 & CO2

Metabolic Measurements Using CWE GEMINI Respiration Monitor

The GEMINI Respiration Monitor measures CO2, O2, and respiration rate of spontaneously breathing or ventilated animals.

BMA-200 amplifier used to monitor electric fish

Monitoring Electric Fish in the Amazon with BMA-200 Bioamplifier

Researchers monitoring territoriality in electric fish with the BMA-200 bioamplifier in the Amazon basin.

the next generation of science explorers

Supporting the next generation of science explorers

For over 35 years CWE has been providing scientific research instruments to laboratories around the world. 

GSM-3, Hypercapnia-induced active expiration, breathing control, EEG, EMG, expiratory activity, sleep, wakefulness

GSM-3 Gas Mixer used to study Hypercapnia-induced active expiration

Hypercapnia-induced active expiration increases in sleep and enhances ventilation in unanaesthetized rats